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The Uncertainty Curve

The Uncertainty Curve will help you track the experience of cutting out a compulsion.

Use it to track only one compulsion elimination at a time.

Each day, track your experience of not engaging in that compulsion as you journey up and over the Uncertainty Curve. Take notes to help you better understand triggers, barriers, and supports.

If you practice the compulsion, that’s fine. It’s part of the learning and recovery process. Print out a new Uncertainty Curve and start again.

Use this tool for each compulsion you eliminate. Identify patterns and use those patterns to help inform your journey.

Avoidance can be a compulsion, too, so you might be tracking the introduction of a healthy activity instead of the elimination of an unhealthy activity. The Uncertainty Curve works for that, too.

Always work with somebody experienced in recovery. This tool is not a replacement for a great therapist, this tool is just a support to help you succeed with a structured ERP program.

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DOWNLOAD: Click here to download the Uncertainty Curve worksheet with an example. 

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I’d love to hear how the Uncertainty Curve works for you or if you have any questions. Get in-touch below:

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