The Failure Creed

I will fail because trying not to fail has only made things worse.

I will fail my assumptions about other people and let them fill in the gaps with the truth.

I will fail so I make progress.

I will fail at lifting heavy things in my life, and then I’ll fail again and again until they’re not so heavy anymore.

I will fail at trying to do what’s healthy for myself, and from that failure, I’ll learn what supports I need to succeed next time.

I will fail at relationships and not blame the other person.

I will fail to answer the questions my brain throws at me and my brain will just have to accept that.

I will fail to make you like me. But that’s your problem, not mine.

I will fail when I’m trying new things that nobody else dares to try.

I will fail to be certain after so many years of pretending I could be.

I will fail to control other people. It was stupid to get upset about failing at that.

I will fail to get what I want and see that the real problem was the wanting.

I will fail to hide who I am. I don’t know why i was trying to succeed at that.

I will fail, and that’s okay. In fact, it’s awesome.

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  • Mark,

    I really appreciate your knowledge on OCD. I have an upcoming residency workshop for my masters degree program in counseling, and in the last month I’ve had all of these old thoughts and doubting feelings hit me. I hope to learn more from you. My workshop is on February 6 through the 12th and packed with all sorts of interactive testing related to counseling. My history is a combo of ocd/social anxiety disorder. I have 3 years of invested time into this degree program and as I get near the end it feels like I won’t pass. Thanks for reading.


  • This post helps me so much! Thank You!!!

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