Checking into relapse

Build a new relationship with uncertainty throughout your life or your daily practices will just logically and rationally have you struggling and suffering and relapsing back into a depressive anxiety hole. This video explains an approach that I credit with helping me recover and maintaining great mental health for the past eight years:

Let healthy project values guide your actions.

When it comes to anxiety disorders, the anxiety often gets blamed as the source of the problem, but really it’s our reaction to anxiety that’s unhealthy. Anxiety is normal. But attempts to cope with, check on, or control uncertainty lead to compulsive behaviors with negative impacts on our health. This is as true in business as it is in our personal lives. When people encounter uncertainty (and the resulting anxiety) at work, they experience a need to be certain, and

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Acceptance stops the infinite control fail pattern.

Acceptance comes from the recognition that trying to control thoughts or trying to control uncertainty in the world around you is what actually causes more uncertainty, more anxiety, and more depression in your life. In fact, multiple studies show that attempts to control unwanted thoughts, images, or memories actually prolong the experiencing of them. Control creates a cycle of anxious reactions. Acceptance stops that cycle.

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