LARB Interview: Writing as mental health practice.

I didn’t wake up to the fact I was struggling with my mental health until I couldn’t write anything. I loved writing and I couldn’t do it anymore. Forget anxiety about being poisoned or going back to check the door locks over and over again or being paralyzed by anxiety attacks–here was a real problem! Writing YOU ARE NOT A ROCK was only something I could do because I learned how to take care of my mental health and because

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Anxiety infiltrates everything (but you can beat it at everything).

If you struggle with anxiety, you’re very likely going to work in a way that’s built around trying to avoid anxiety. So you’ll do things like: Not delegate or let other people handle things for you. Try to fix problems alone before anybody finds out. Avoid leading because you’re worried about things going wrong. Avoid leading because you like to correct others. Avoid leading because you think you’re not good enough, or people will think you don’t deserve it. Create

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