New York event: April 18th at Luminary

On April 18th, I’ll be at co-working space, Luminary (1204 Broadway), for a discussion on launching and running your business without losing your mind in the process. It is possible to be a healthy entrepreneur! Grab tickets here on Eventbrite I’ll be chatting with Vivian Nunez, Forbes writer and founder of TooDamYoung, and Ramona Ortega, CEO and founder of My Money, My Future (Mi Dinero, Mi Futuro). The event is sponsored by Azlo. See you there!

Checking into relapse

Build a new relationship with uncertainty throughout your life or your daily practices will just logically and rationally have you struggling and suffering and relapsing back into a depressive anxiety hole. This video explains an approach that I credit with helping me recover and maintaining great mental health for the past eight years:

Digging into intrusive thoughts to clear a way out of them

Recently, Matt and I did a couple of videos exploring intrusive thoughts or anxieties and why it’s useful to look at why we’re afraid of the consequences of those thoughts or anxieties coming true. There’s an exercise for doing that, The 5 Whys, which I shared in my book, The Mind Workout, and Matt explains near the end of this video:

Overcoming anxiety at work and on the job hunt.

Recently, Daniela posted over on the Everybody has a Brain Tumblr about some anxiety challenges she tackled after getting laid off, then searching for a new job, and then at her new workplace. Her story was such a great example of all the skills we’re always talking about, and it includes vomit! It’s so useful to talk about overcoming these challenges and often that means overcoming very real physical symptoms, like nausea. So I wanted to share Daniela’s post and

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Anxiety infiltrates everything (but you can beat it at everything).

If you struggle with anxiety, you’re very likely going to work in a way that’s built around trying to avoid anxiety. So you’ll do things like: Not delegate or let other people handle things for you. Try to fix problems alone before anybody finds out. Avoid leading because you’re worried about things going wrong. Avoid leading because you like to correct others. Avoid leading because you think you’re not good enough, or people will think you don’t deserve it. Create

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Create a Customer Portrait to help guide you through your business anxieties.

When I’m working with individuals on helping them overcome their mental health challenges, I often tell them that it’s okay if doing something healthy makes them feel anxious, to just do it anyway. And that’s also something that successful businesses learn as well, especially entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter whether you like doing something or don’t like doing something, if it’s one of the actions that’s going to make your company healthy, you have to do it. It’s difficult to see

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