Being open about mental health isn’t brave.

It’s normal. It’s healthy. It’s responsible. Talking about stuff in your brain is no different than talking about stuff going on with any other body part. Talking about improving your mental health and fitness is no different than talking about improving your physical health and fitness. Swapping techniques on how to do difficult exercises is the same whether it’s a CBT exercise or a crossfit WOD. It’s all about health. Speaking about mental health isn’t brave. It’s the stuff happening

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A negative brain takes practice

For many years, I thought my brain was a really negative brain—that’s just the way it was and there was nothing I could do about that. In any situation, it jumped immediately to everything that was wrong. My brain could catastrophize faster than any Michael Bay film. It went from A to Z to the end of the world instantly. Eventually, the judgment machinery in my brain was so strong and effective, that it seemed like all of my energy

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5 Tips for Improving Focus

It’s not possible to be awesome at focusing unless you practice focusing and push your limits, just like it’s not possible to be awesome at running unless you practice running and push your limits. Here are five ways to practice focusing that have really helped me get my mind to stay in one place at a time: 1. Meditate. Start with short periods and then gradually extend the time you spend meditating. Setting aside three minutes every day for meditation

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What excuses are damaging your mental health?

Great video about the excuses we make to avoid getting physically fit, but you probably hear almost every single one of these excuses when it comes to getting mentally fit. What excuses are you making to avoid quitting your compulsions, to not meditate, to not try to control things you can’t control, or so many other things that are damaging your health?

One Breath Meditation Exercise

Meditation is to your brain what running is to your heart. Until very recently, meditation was treated as something spiritual. It was mostly confined to religion, hippies, and yoga classes. But that’s quickly changing as neuroscience research uncovers the very real impacts and benefits that meditation has for your brain.

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