So you want to work in mental health…

I was part of a panel discussion at the University of Toronto recently on community engagement work in the mental health sector. It was exciting to see so many people interested in working in mental health. The questions and comments from the audience made it clear that they understood the need for patient-centered innovation and they wanted to create change in the sector. But with innovation, there’s turmoil, in any industry. So here are five things to consider if you’re looking at

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Take steps forward

  I got this postcard on Ishigaki Island. It sort of translates to “One step is still a step.” Even incredibly long journeys are just single steps strung together. It’s a great reminder that managing to take even just a single step is a really amazing thing. And the next step you take forward will also be an amazing thing. And the one after that, too. Just keep taking single steps forward and soon they add up to a journey.

Creating an Energy Map to Design the Year Ahead

When it comes to the new year, I like to draw out where I’m spending my time and energy and position the activities by how they relate to each other, and then I look at whether that makes sense and aligns with where I want to be going in life. After I map out where I’m spending my time and energy, I map out how I want to be spending it in the new year. Then I look at the

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