Don’t make unhappiness a prerequisite for happiness

When we’re struggling with mental health issues, they can come become a filter that defines how we see the world. We can’t imagine seeing it any other way. Everything revolves around the mental health challenges and we begin to rely on them. We can start to believe that not feeling anxiety means we don’t care about our loved ones, or not feeling jealous rage means we’re not actually in the “right” relationship, or not feeling the discomfort of craving means

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Depression is like snot.

Depression is like snot—it’s the result of a natural, physical reaction. You can’t think your way out of a runny nose and you can’t think your way out of depression. But just like a runny nose, depression doesn’t fall out of the sky. Whether external or internal, there’s always a trigger. Sometimes you get a runny nose because it’s cold out. But get warm and that runny nose quickly disappears. Sometimes your runny nose results from a flu virus you

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