So you think you can’t recover from mental illness… (video)

Ruminating on reasons you can’t recover because your symptoms are different or you have very unique circumstances that prevent you from moving forward… is one of the most common symptoms. You’ll always be able to think of reasons why you can’t cut out compulsions, why you need to keep doing unhealthy things right now, why some other time in the future is going to be a much better time for recovery–our brains are so imaginative!

Advanced Recovery Skill: Silence

Accepting silence is an advanced recovery skill. Learning how to be happy with silence and maintain your focus in silence takes practice. That’s because silence leaves our brains unoccupied, and when unhealthy brains are unoccupied, they fall back on all of the compulsions that have become so easy for them, like ruminating and catastrophising. Your brain is just trying to help you fill the silence (with imaginary horror movies starring you and your loved ones)! One reason things like music

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A negative brain takes practice

For many years, I thought my brain was a really negative brain—that’s just the way it was and there was nothing I could do about that. In any situation, it jumped immediately to everything that was wrong. My brain could catastrophize faster than any Michael Bay film. It went from A to Z to the end of the world instantly. Eventually, the judgment machinery in my brain was so strong and effective, that it seemed like all of my energy

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It’s your Corpus Callosum

I love saying Corpus Callosum out-loud. It sounds like the name of a gladiator arena or a gigantic cyclops. But it actually means “tough body” and it’s the bundle of brain fibres that connects the two hemispheres of your brain. If you chopped open your skull and stuck a finger between the two hemispheres of your brain, you could easily push all of the way down until you hit the corpus callosum. But that would be gross so don’t try

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The top 10 things you need to start meditating:

All you need is your brain. You don’t even need expensive shoes or Under Armor or a helmet to meditate. Of course, you could wear all of that while you meditate if you wanted to. You could wear a pink apron and a yellow dress and boxing gloves if you wanted to. But you don’t have to. You already have the one thing you need to start meditating. You woke up with it.      

Everybody has a Brain – Pinterest Board

In addition to the Everybody has a Brain Tumblr, we now have an Everybody has a Brain Pinterest board that has almost 300,000 followers. Our team of wonderful brain designers, Andrew, Matt, and Daniela, pin images on their that are meant to spark discussion on mental health and give people useful tips to proactively tackle mental health in their day-to-day lives. So check it out and if you’re on Pinterest, let me know and I’ll follow your boards. Everybody has

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Training your Subconscious Puppy

Here’s the beautiful paradox of Acceptance: If you accept all of your worries and intrusive thoughts instead of trying to fight them or be certain about them, you’ll gradually get rid of them. This is not the goal of Acceptance because there’s nothing wrong with those thoughts. But it’s a wonderful side-effect of Acceptance. When you fight intrusive thoughts, you place value on them in your brain, particularly to your subconscious, the part of your mind that’s throwing these thoughts

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One Breath Meditation Exercise

Meditation is to your brain what running is to your heart. Until very recently, meditation was treated as something spiritual. It was mostly confined to religion, hippies, and yoga classes. But that’s quickly changing as neuroscience research uncovers the very real impacts and benefits that meditation has for your brain.

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