Tackle your problems, not just your symptoms.

Sometimes it’s valuable to deal with symptoms so you can then free yourself up to tackle your real problems. But when it comes to recovering from a mental illness, focusing only on the symptoms can cause you to keep on feeding the problem and engaging in lots of unhealthy behaviors that only make the illness worse over the long-term.

If you’ve got a lion on your back gnawing away, and it’s causing you lots of pain, don’t just take something to get rid of the pain and then ignore the lion—it’ll keep on eating until there’s nothing left.





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  • Hello
    I’m Amir. I’ve interested in your individual experiences to relief OCD. But in my country because of internet filtering i can’t access to your videos. Is it possible you mail them to my e-mail?

    • Hi Amir,
      It’s not possible to email all of the videos because of their size. But if you visit the site everybodyhasabrain.tumblr.com, you can find many tips described in text. I also have two books available on Amazon as downloads that you can find in the books section linked at the top of this site. I hope that helps!

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