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My book, The Mind Workout, all about the steps anybody can take to get comfortable with the stuff in their heads as they do more of what they care about in life, hit bookstore shelves in the United Kingdom on June 1st. You order it on Amazon here: http://bit.ly/themindworkout If you’re not in the UK, you can get it shipped for an extra fee, but there will be other languages coming out in the months ahead AND this summer I’m working on a different version of the book for North America that will also get translated into Spanish and those will be out in early 2018. I’m very excited to get this out into the world. Thank you to everybody around the world that’s helped make this possible and connected with me and supported me as we’ve worked together on taking care of our mental health. I hope this is a useful guidebook you can keep with you on your own journey of overcoming challenges in the wilderness of life.

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  • Hello sir I am from India here in my city no good therapist is available I have obsession but no physical compulsion ,I have read many books seen many videos gain knowledge about ocd I had a therapist I went to her 8 months but what she taught is not effective after I talked on phone one therapist in Canada she guide me I applied in my day to day life from the last one year I feel I was recovered before two months I feel again relapse. Could you help me to find best therapist ..

    • It sounds like you already know how to find a therapist online and it’s great you’re taking steps to tackle these issues. What you might find useful to look at is why you’re running into problems applying the skills you already know. You’ve read the books, seen the videos, worked with therapists already. What challenges do you think you’re running into?

  • Mark, this is a fantastic book. Much more in-depth than I figured it would be. There is a way out of mental illness!

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