Mental Illness Recovery Q&A with The Mighty

For OCD Week, I joined The Mighty for a live Q&A on their Facebook page all about my journey with recovery from mental illness. I usually keep my videos focused on mental health and where I’m going now, so I don’t often talk about the specific symptoms I struggled with but in this video I go more in-depth into what it was like deep in the mental illness hole, and what was involved with getting out of that hole:

Mark Freeman OCD Q&A

Mark Freeman is a writer, filmmaker and mental health advocate who has recovered from obsessive-compulsive disorder. He’s live now sharing his experiences and answering your questions as our final guest for OCD Awareness Week.Visit Mark’s blog and watch his videos at

Posted by Mental Health on The Mighty on Thursday, October 13, 2016

2 comments On Mental Illness Recovery Q&A with The Mighty

  • Mark,

    You are one of my favorite people! The guidance, advice and help you offer is beyond useful to The OCD community. I am continuing to learn & grow through my recovery and a lot of my courage comes from your story.

    If you ever offer a class in the CT / NYC area, please let me know.

    Alison Kennedy

    • Thank you, Alison! Enjoy the steps ahead as you’re creating your story 🙂

      I’ve got a book coming out in the US this coming fall so hopefully I’ll have a chance to travel around. I’ll post about any US travel on here when we get closer to the fall.

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