Everybody has a brain.

This is a strange time! As much as I love being at the front of an auditorium, and I look forward to getting back there, I’ve enjoyed delivering online presentations over the past year. They’re just as engaging and I find them more intimate than talking to a big crowd. An interactive online session is similar to the coaching work I’ve been doing for years online. It’s also inspired a lot of innovation in how I collaborate with organizations. If you’re looking for ideas, here are some types of sessions I’ve done in the past few months:

How can doctors address the mental health needs of patients with chronic illness?

A lunchtime lecture for the Stanford Anesthesia Summer Institute, combining research and patient stories to help future doctors understand challenges patients encounter in the healthcare system when struggling with mental illness.

What is it like to recover from a serious mental illness while working in a corporate environment?

To kickstart a organization-wide discussion of mental health, I delivered a series of presentations to global law firm Kennedys, across four continents in a single day, sharing about the journey of recovery from serious mental illness and how organizations can benefit from taking a mental fitness approach.

How can you excel at creative work while improving and maintaining great mental health?

I hosted a discussion with the artists enrolled in Canada’s Music Incubator to explore practical ways to care for mental health while balancing creative work, building communities on social media, financial challenges, and the business of making music.

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