1. Jocelyn
    December 10, 2018 @ 11:48 pm

    Hi Mark, I am a huge fan of yours and use your videos and blogs as a Personal Trainer type for improvement for my mental health. The other day I was driving and I know very well my thoughts are my thoughts and nothing more and nothing wrong with feelings. But I zoned out and I got very in my head and I felt anxious and I just kept going but then I took the first exit on the freeway judging my anxiety as bad and worrying about having a panic attack which I never do (not my exit and not the healthy choice) and pulled over in a street and called my mum that Im having a panic attack which before I wasnt and I still think I was just being a slave to my OCD. Do you have any tips for me and people similar? I always push into life but yesterday was a day I went backwards and engaged in a compulsion by calling my mum for help (something I would do when I was extremely young). I took it as something that Im glad happened that I can build from. So once again do you have any tips? Is this just a hiccup on my journey? Love your work god bless.


    • Mark
      December 17, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

      Thanks, Jocelyn! Like you said, it can be so helpful to just see this stuff as a hiccup. We do things. In any moment, we get to choose again how we act. We don’t have to attach lots of meanings to the things we did. If we want to act differently in the next moment, we can. Now you know that this type of experience can happen, so you can make decisions in the present about how you’ll handle it next time with understanding. If drive with the anxiety next time, that’s something you can do. If you pull off the highway, that’s something you can do, too. I found it useful to make any choice ok. I can just choose the one that I want in that moment.


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