Why does my OCD keep switching themes?

Because you think it is.

One of the components of an anxiety disorder is rigid, black-or-white thinking, with lots of judging and discriminating and labelling. It’s not surprising that people struggling with OCD have developed all of these different classifications–that’s part of the illness.

The superficial elements of the specific fear are irrelevant. If you were worried about hitting somebody with a car and now you’re worried about accidentally poisoning your friends by under-cooking food you’re serving them, then you’re worrying about the exact same thing. There’s an uncertainty about causing people harm and you’re engaging in compulsive behaviors to cope with, check on, or control that uncertainty.

Tackle OCD at the most basic, fundamental level possible. Learning to accept each little fear separately leads to a very long, drawn-out, exhausting process. All anxiety disorders are essentially about engaging in behaviors to avoid something you don’t want to feel. A person controlling their eating and constantly checking the mirror or the scale in the hopes avoiding a particular feeling, is no different from the person constantly checking their email and writing and rewriting responses to their work colleagues in the hopes of avoiding a particular feeling.

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  • You are talking about root fear. I tried to find my own and a year ago I thought I came to basic fear, which was, I will die and my children will become an orphanes. But in few months I realized, this was pretty close to my basic fear but it was not it. Basic fear was, my children will be miserable, anxious and sad. So I had to accept that. Maybe there is some other basic fear I have. I don’t know. So I realized it was not an action or event I was afraid, it was the feeling I was afraid of. I would like to know your experiences. On the end, were you afraid of events or feelings accompanied that events? After observing myself I realized, I am always afraid of feelings that would accompanied some actions or events. Or this seems the same for you?
    I am asking this because ERP in my case didn’t work. Maybe that is so, because in my mind I couldn’t expose myself to feeling, only to perception of an events (my children frightened crying). But this didn’t raised may anxiety so much as it (on my opinion) should. I am still learning to accept physical FEELING of anxiety – mine and others. I see I can do a lot of things with it. Sometimes it is still hard, but often I more openly live present moment than I used to. But this is acceptance not ERP. Right?

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