What’s your opinion on Rodhiola Rosea or St. John’s Wort?

I’ve never heard their music but those are great names for punk bands.

If it’s a supplement and not a band, my thoughts on it would still be the same as any supplement or medication people want to take for anxiety or depression: It wouldn’t mean you get to skip making healthy changes and taking healthy action in your life. There is no supplement that can achieve your goals for you in life. Chasing the “right” supplement can easily become a compulsion on its own. On top of that, people are often trying to find a supplement that makes anxiety go away or helps them ignore intrusive thoughts. But OCD or any anxiety disorder is all about trying to make anxiety go away. That’s the problem, not the solution. Anxiety and intrusive thoughts are symptoms of the unhealthy things we need to change, in ourselves or in our environments. Trying to escape the symptoms doesn’t remove the problem. It’s like taking painkillers to get rid of the pain when a lion bites you. The painkillers won’t get rid of the lion. The lion is the real problem, not the pain. And if you get rid of the pain, you might be oblivious to the fact that the lion is eating all of you.

But if rodhiola rosea or St. John’s wort are bands, I look forward to checking out their music videos on YouTube 🙂

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