What OCD themes did you have?

The same ones you do–the ones where you’re uncertain about something that has happened or could happen and then you do things to try to make that uncertainty go away.

A common challenge to overcome when tackling mental health issues is something called “special snowflake thinking”. That’s when somebody believes that their symptoms are different from another person’s symptoms unless that other person describes their symptoms in exactly the same way.We are unique and special snowflakes and nobody can understand what we’re going through!

But all OCD symptoms follow identical patterns. It’s OCD that pushes us to judge and discriminate and try to fit things into tiny boxes of certainty. The problem is that this can prevent us from getting the help we need unless the things we’re hearing or reading fit into those tiny boxes. Because of that, I try to keep my videos and stories as general as possible. I was very lucky to have never heard about the concept of OCD themes before joining online mental health communities. On the recovery journey, it was very helpful to tackle everything is a single beast.

When you catch your brain judging things as not being applicable to you or specific enough, recognize that as part of OCD. That’s your OCD trying to get in the way of recovery. There aren’t different solutions to different themes. They all follow the same basic patterns.

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