Can I beat OCD with meditation?

Meditation is a great support for building better mental health and fitness. It can help you develop skills that are useful when overcoming OCD–like learning how to feel things with judgment, improving your ability to pay attention, keeping your mind present without running off to catastrophise about the future or ruminate on the past, etc. All of those will help you with cutting out compulsions and changing how you relate to the stuff in your head. But you still have to do that work. Meditation is not a replacement for the healthy changes you need to make. It’s not a quick fix.

You can meditate and engage in compulsions and keep practicing OCD and making it worse. You can approach meditation in a way that’s very symptomatic of OCD, just like you can bring your OCD practice into anything, like exercise or eating. Practice¬†meditation in a healthy way and it will be healthy for you.¬†Practice meditation as an attempt to avoid something you’re afraid of, and you’ll find more of that thing which frightens you.

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  • Im addicted to anxiety pills and prozac, the moment i stop taking them ocd comes back and its a living hell, what can I do?

    • Working with a therapist that’s experienced with helping people recover could be one route to take. Therapy is all about learning skills so you can handle the thoughts and emotions you struggle with. Without learning those skills, it’s very natural to struggle. It’s like learning how to swim. It doesn’t matter how many times somebody throws you in the water unless you get some help learning what to actually do so you don’t drown.

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