But if ACT involves accepting that bad things could happen, doesn’t that contradict the Law of Attraction and “The Secret”?

When I first started out on treatment, I was worried about my fears coming true, too. My intrusive thoughts didn’t seem unreal or false to me at all. They were totally real. So accepting them was equivalent to them actually happening. It was very tough to accept those things and then carry on engaging in healthy actions each day that aligned with my values. But there has been nothing more amazing than the experiencing of moving beyond anxiety disorders through that process. For years, trying to run from my fears and control them with positive thoughts, and corrections, and rationalizations, only led to things getting worse, not better.

So, yes, the scientifically researched and effective approaches of Exposure & Response Prevention and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy may seem to contradict the “Law of Attraction”, but treatment contradicts many old compulsions and beliefs we practiced for many years. They might also contradict something a purple unicorn sang to you in a previous life, or something an iguana whispered in your ear while you were on shrooms at Burning Man. However, like any worry, we accept that fear of contradiction, and do healthy things that are going to help us move towards our goals.

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