Toronto Event: Mindfulness Recovery

Update: Awesome panel! Thanks to Myodetox and Studio YYZ for making the space to have these conversations. This was the first panel I’ve been on where everybody was talking about recovering from mental illness to get back to doing the businesses they’re passionate about. It is amazing to see this cultural shift towards recovery. You can struggle with serious mental health issues and learn how to handle them and be the boss (of your brain and your business).

I’ll be joining up with the Myodetox team, Studio YYZ, and the Blu Matter Project for an event on February 23rd in Toronto. I’ll be talking about psychological flexibility and how improving physical mobility can teach us a lot about improving and maintaining our mental health. And there’ll be yoga!

Bring your own yoga mat. Tickets are by donation, with all proceeds going to the Blu Matter Project.

Grab tickets here: Space is limited.

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