Change is superextravery difficult.

Be 👏 kind👏 to👏 yourself👏

When I started out taking care of my mental health and digging out of the mental illness hole, I had to make a lot of changes around things I thought were totally normal and necessary. Making those changes were tough because I’d spent years practicing and perfecting compulsions that made me miserable. I could spend entire days having imaginary arguments in my head about terrible things that hadn’t even happened but I didn’t know how to walk five minutes to the store and pay attention to anything other then the stuff in my head. Taking care of my mental health was like realizing that I’d devoted my entire life learning how to become a professional shit brick maker only to discover that I needed to become a professional ballet dancer. There are no transferable skills (I don’t think 🤣). It’s about learning new skills. And it’s natural for that process to be challenging. It takes practice and practice takes time. But the practice is the destination, so if you’re practicing, no matter how much you’re struggling, you’re there. You’re doing the work. You can ditch the old labels. Be nice to that worker.


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