The Acceptance Field Guide Worksheets

Mindfulness worksheets.

These pdf files are designed for viewing on smartphones. Download them to your phone and keep them with you so you can practice your mindfulness skills wherever you go.

[three_columns_one]1. Go for a mindful walk.

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Turning values into action.

Coming up with values isn’t nearly as tough as actually implementing your values because we often haven’t translated our values into specific actions. So even when we’re practicing Acceptance, and we’re able to accept an anxious thought, and we know what are values are, that doesn’t always mean we know what action would reflect our values in a particular situation. And all too often we fall back on our old habits.

The worksheet below is a useful exercise on any day. It’s great to do in the morning. Articulate your values on the left, and on the right, translate those values into specific actions for the day. Be as specific and as concrete as possible. The more you practice turning abstract values into specific actions, the better you’ll get at understanding how to implement your values in any new situation that arises.

Values to Actions Worksheet:

Click to view and print.

Values to Actions Worksheet Example: 

This particular example was created for somebody who was giving up an Internet addiction.

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