who I am

I help people change stuff. I support individuals and organizations around the world as they navigate the complexities of doings they've never done before and, most importantly, sustaining those changes.

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my philosophy

I believe in taking a proactive, preventive approach to maintaining and improving mental health.

I know first-hand that recovery from mental illness is possible and I'm driven to create products and services that make recovery and mental health skills more accessible to people around the world.

what I offer


What I do with people is like personal fitness training, but it's emotional fitness, and instead of lifting heavy weights, we work on lifting heavy thoughts and feelings while you do the things you care about in life.

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For more than 10 years, I've been facilitating collaborative design and innovation workshops for Fortune 500 companies all over the world looking to solve complex problems. I also do public workshops that translate design thinking techniques into personal discovery and problem-busting powertools.

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I love speaking in front of crowds and taking them on a journey. From the future of mental health technology to overcoming anxiety challenges at work, I blend scientific research with practical experience to make complex topics clear and engaging.

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