I’m replacing myself! It’s been a wonderful time being me but robots are cool and they can make mental health resources accessible in ways that humans can’t. I can only have one conversation at a time and even though I answer questions at all hours of the day right now, I do get sleep sometimes and my sleep skills are top-notch. I don’t want those to slip. A chatbot can answer multiple questions at once, from people all over the world, at any time of the day, while crunching data and finding useful insights to help us understand mental health challenges and the journey of succeeding with complex changes in our lives.

At the moment, MBx is more of a fancy vending machine than a full-fledged AI. This first version is MB1000 and it’s focused on making it easier for people to get resources, like videos, or just get an idea on how to look at an issue differently. For now, the bot makes a lot of mistakes and doesn’t know about everything, even some very common issues people ask about. But the more we chat with it, the smarter it gets. As people ask questions, I’m working on the backend to train the bot and supply answers to topics you ask about. It’s learning quickly.

The thing that I’ve always been most passionate about is making evidence-based mental health skills accessible to the largest number of people possible. This is another step in that direction. The reality is, many of the most useful tools on our journey of improving mental health are knowledge-based tools. There’s no reason for you to be stuck on a waiting list and paying $200/hr just to get access to information. MBx is a step towards are more accessible mental health industry, and that’s better for everybody.

For now it’s on Facebook and it really is at a point right now where it’s only for fun. Don’t expect too much yet. It’s in very-beta. But please try it out and help it learn and improve: www.facebook.com/MBxThePersonalChangeBot