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About Mark

I create products and services to help people improve and maintain great mental health and fitness.
Mental health is a skill you practice.

I have mental health. But by the time I recognized that, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, depression, and a bunch of related mental illnesses had consumed my life. But it didn’t have to be that way. I could have saved enormous amounts of pain, energy, and money, if I’d taken a more proactive, preventive approach to mental health much earlier in life. The focus of the work I do now is on making great mental health more accessible by leveraging technology and adapting design thinking tools from the world of business innovation, to support people making the biggest innovations of their lives: improving and maintaining their mental health.

I help people do that in a couple of different ways: I write about the stuff in our heads. And for any writing-related inquiries, contact Hattie Grunewald, at the Blake Friedmann Agency. I make videos to support people through the process of implementing evidence-based therapies in their lives. You can find my YouTube videos here. And if you'd like something more structured, check out the video courses in my Brainschool. I also provide one-on-one peer support, online, to people around the world, to help them make the complex changes involved with handling unwanted thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations as they do more of what actually matters to them. If you're interested in learning more about that, send me a message through the contact form.